Why Should I not Pressure Wash my Roof?

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You should not pressure clean your roof because power washing will only remove the surface layer of mold growing on your roof, and not the mold that has set in and feeding on the fillers in your roof shingles.

Using a pressure washer on a tile roof will blast off the UV protecting coating causing a dull looking roof over time, as well as causing premature damages. Not to mention break numerous tiles from excessive pressure that will cause stress cracks, and walking over every square inch.

Attempting to use a pressure washer on an asphalt shingle roof will destroy and blast off all granules!

Pressure washing a metal roof is an accident waiting to happen! Trying to walk on a metal roof while attempting to power wash will turn into a slip and slip very quickly, and is VERY dangerous. All metal roof cleanings should be performed from the safety of ladders, or the ground if professionally equipped.

Why does a power washing/pressure cleaning only last 1-2 years?

That is because when using a power washer you are only removing the surface layer of mold, and feeding the fire when using up to 4000 PSI of water to clean and push the mold spores deeper into the pores of your roof, causing the mold to return sooner and taking over your roof all over again in such a short time period.

It’s simple, pressure washing a roof can be very damaging to your roof surface and cause premature ageing, as well as not kill 100% of the mold.

Soft Washing is the only method recommended by roofing manufactures to safely clean and kill 100% of the mold that has infested your roof. Soft washing uses a proprietary blend of detergents to suffocate the mold spores and pull it out of the pores of the roof, killing 100% of the mold resulting in a roof that will stay clean for 4-5 years.

Roof Cleaning Warranty

Here at A-1 Pressure Washing we treat mold like a pesticide and not with high pressure. Our company follows the strict instruction of the roofing manufactures and use a soft wash/ safe no pressure roof cleaning process to professionally clean and safely remove roof mold, as well as extend the warranty of your roof. All our shingle, tile and metal roof cleaning come backed by a 3 year Mold Free Warranty. If any mold should reappear on your shingle, tile or metal roof before our 3 year warranty expires, we will gladly return and retreat the infected area(s) FREE of Charge.

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