Port Charlotte Roof Cleaning in Riverwood Golf & Country Club



Port Charlotte, FL Roof Cleaning inside Riverwood Golf & Country Club 

This community inside Riverwood golf & country was tired of repeatedly having their tile roofs cleaned with abusive high pressure cleaning systems, and hired our company to perform our safe no pressure roof cleaning services to gently soft wash and remove the black roof mold. We cleaned all their roofs, exterior of homes, driveways, and community sidewalks. We also cleaned & sealed 12 of the residents driveways & pool areas. If you are in need of professional, prompt, and reliable, roof cleaning, pressure washing, and paver sealing services then please call A-1 Pressure Washing at 941-815-8454. You may also get a free estimate online using our easy online estimate form at www.SarasotaCleaningSolutions.com
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Roof Cleaning Services – Sarasota, Bradenton, North Port, Venice, Englewood, Port Charlotte, Rotonda West, Punta Gorda

Safe No Pressure Roof Cleaning Services for Asphalt Shingle, Tile, and Metal Roof

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0518160951a0518161256aA-1 Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning is one of the leading roof cleaning companies in Sarasota, Charlotte, Manatee, and Lee Counties. We have been proudly serving Sarasota, Bradenton, North Port, Venice, Englewood, Port Charlotte, Rotonda West, and Punta Gorda with professional, reliable, and prompt roof cleaning services since 1996. Our family owned & operated company is fully licensed & insured to protect our clients properties and our team members.

When it comes to roof cleaning, we follow all manufacturer guidelines and we DO NOT use a pressure cleaner to clean roofs. This is a chemical application and mildew prevention treatment as recommended by all roofing manufactures to properly remove roof mold, and get the longest life out of your cleaning.

When the roof detergent comes in contact with mold, bacteria, bird poop, etc. It has a chemical reaction and turns white and foams. By the time the area dries it is either 100% mold free and clean, or about 90% depending on the thickness of mold, and if that’s the case we apply a 2nd coat to remove the remaining 10% to those areas on the roof.

By following the manufactures guidelines, the manufactures say you will get between 5-6 years out of your cleaning because the roof detergent suffocates and kills 100% of the roof mold, but this is Florida and it is a mold breeding ground, that’s not going to happen. We do see we can get between 3-4 years out of our cleanings depending on your surroundings. If you have large oak trees, pine trees, etc. that overhang or sit to close to the roof line, they will cast more of a shadow allowing moisture to dwell longer, as well as shed droppings onto the roof, and that will help boost mold growth. We see we have to retreat these areas between 2 – 2/12 years.

By following the manufacturers guidelines we are able to provide all our roof cleaning with a written 3 year mold free guarantee. If any mold should reappear on your roof before our 3-year warranty expires we will return and retreat the infected area(s).

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Why do the manufactures say to not use a pressure cleaner to clean my roof?

When you use a power washer to clean a roof you are relying on brute force and water to remove roof mold, which can cause stress cracks, chip tiles, and strip the glazing off the tiles, as well as remove granules from shingle roofs. Their studies showed that a pressure washer will only remove the surface layer of mold, and pushes the mold spores deeper into the pores of the roof. Which will result in the mold returning much within 1-2 years, and your forced to clean your roof again 1 year later, sometimes sooner depending on your surroundings.

What about my landscaping and Bushes?

Here at A-1 Pressure Washing we take all precautions to protect surrounding landscaping and shrubs during roof cleaning process.

In the event a bush, shrub, or grass should happen to be damaged due to our roof cleaning detergents or process, A-1 Pressure Washing will supply all necessary labor and materials to replace the plant or shrub.

If you are in need of professional roof cleaning services to remove the black mold streaks from your shingle, tile, or metal roof, please call A-1 Pressure Washing today for your Free Consultation and estimate at 941-815-8454, or you may get a free estimate using our easy online estimate form at www.SarasotaCleaningSolutions.com.

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Property Management – Pressure Cleaning & Roof Cleaning Services

Professional Pressure Cleaning, Power Washing, Roof Cleaning, and Paver Sealing Services For Homeowner Associations & Property Managers



Are you a property manager or board of director looking to have the exterior of your property cleaned?

A-1 Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning specializes in servicing Homeowner Associations, Condo Association, Apartment Complexes, Strip Malls, and Office Buildings. We are a family owned & operated company that has been proudly serving North Port, Venice, Englewood, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, and Rotonda West with professional, prompt, and reliable pressure cleaning, safe no pressure roof cleaning, exterior soft washing, and paver sealing services since 1996. Our company is also fully licensed & Insured to protect our clients properties as well as our team members.

Our Services Include:

  • Safe No Pressure Roof Cleaning Services – Chemical Application & Mildew Prevention Treatment Backed by Written 3 Year Mold Free Warranty for Shingle, Tile, and Metal Roofs.
  • Pressure Washing, Pressure Cleaning, Power Washing Services
  • Exterior Soft Washing of Soffit, Facia, Gutters, and Walls
  • Gutter Clean Outs to Remove Clogged Debris
  • Pool Area & Aluminum Enclosure/ Screen Cleaning
  • Community Sidewalk & Curbing Cleaning
  • Community Walls and Guard Entrance Building Cleaning
  • Dumpster Pad Cleaning
  • Rust Stain Removal
  • High Rise Buildings

If your association or community you manage is in need of professional exterior cleaning services, please give A-1 Pressure Washing a call at 941-815-8454 for your free consultation and estimate, or visit us online at www.SarasotaCleaningSolutions.com