Decra Metal Tile Roof Cleaning Punta Gorda FL 941-815-8454

Here we have a Decra Metal roof that is designed to imitate the look of a barrel tile roof.  Ever since Hurricane Charlie in 2004 devastated many of the homes in Charlotte county, a good portion of the tile roofs were replaced with these metal roof because they offers the beauty and  style of Mediterranean Barrel Tile, and the lightweight and durability components of stone coated steal. Much like a asphalt shingle roofs these Decra roofs are stone coated and have granules over the surface to add style, as well as protect the metal shingles. If cleaned using a high powered pressure washer it will damage the granules just like a asphalt shingle roof.  Following Decras cleaning instructions we removed all the black mold covering this roof without using a pressure cleaner, and performed a chemical cleaning using our safe no pressure cleaning system. If you have a metal roof in Sarasota, Charlotte, or Manatee county that is in need of a professional cleaning please give us a call at 941-815-8454, or fill out our easy online estimate form at

Metal roof cleaning punta gorda florida 941-815-8454
Metal roof cleaning punta gorda florida 941-815-8454
Metal roof cleaning punta gorda florida 941-815-8454
Metal roof cleaning punta gorda florida 941-815-8454

A-1 Pressure Washing is fully licensed and insured,  my families company has been proudly serving Punta Gorda with professional pressure cleaning, safe no pressure roof cleaning services, and paver/ concrete sealing services since 1996. If you live or have a vacation home in Punta Gorda, FL and are in need of a professional team to help restore the exterior of your property then please give us a call at 941-815-8454 or fill out our easy online estimate form at

Shingle Roof Cleaning Sarasota

Do you have black streaks on your shingle roof in Sarasota?

Those black streak on your shingle roof is a form of exterior mold known as Gloeocapsa Magma, a living airbourne algae that  feeds on the limestone filler that maunfactures use for shingle weight and  strength.
As it rains the water will continue to feed the mold and spread it  further down your shingles causing black streaks. If the Mold is not removed,  not only will it soon take over your entire shingle roof in sarasota causing an ugly eye sore, but  also causing premature aging, damages, and possibly leaks.

What makes our company stand out in Roof Cleaning Services is we only use Florida  manufactuer recommeneded chemicals, equipment, and specifications to properly  remove nasty mold from shingle roofs.

Manufacturer  Specifications strictly state never use a pressure washerOnly use a light ‘chemical only’ cleaning  process, also known as Soft Washing your roof to remove mold and extend your  warranty.

At A-1 Pressure Washing we  strive to provide our customers with the highest quality roof cleaning available  in Southwest Florida. Even though we are a pressure washing company, we DO  NOT USE A PRESSURE WASHER to clean dirty roofs.

We only use the  approved methods by the R.C.I.A. (  Roof Cleaning Institute of America) as well as the A.R.M.A. (Asphalt  Roofing Manufacures Association) for proper removal of roof mold and  prevention.Soft Washing is the only roof cleaning procedure  approved for proper roof mold removal by USA’s leading roofing manufacturers:  GAF , Monier Tile and Owens Corning.

You May Be Wondering – “What is Soft  Washing?”

“Soft Washing” is a commonly used term by pressure  cleaners & roof cleaners when cleaning without the use of high pressure is  used to remove mold & algae. Utilizing this equipment eliminates the  potential for DAMAGE that pressure washing can cause to sensitive  surfaces when using too much pressure. It is safe and effective for cleaning  roofs along with all types of siding including; stucco, brick, vinyl, aluminum,  and wood.

We are able to achieve these results with low pressure pumps & PSI Regulators, better known as commercial pesticide spraying system  producing pressure the same as your garden hose.
We combine the use of  these pumps along with proprietary professional cleaning solutions.

We custom  mix these solutions on site for each property’s specific cleaning needs and for  maximum cleaning results.

Remember: No Pressure=No DamageWith  our exclusive Soft Wash Systems we are Sarasota, FL #1 recommended choice for  proper shingle roof cleaning. Our company can safely and effectivly remove mold from  your shingleroof along with preventing future mold growth for a  minimum of 3 years.

Call A-1 Pressure Washing today to see how we can help save your thousands and restore your homes curb appeal. Contact our office at 941-815-8454 or visit us online at Sarasota Shingle Roof Cleaning Estimate to get your free online shingle roof cleaning estimate.