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Frequently Asked Questions & Cleaning Reports

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions and Cleaning Reports page.
Here we hope to answer any questions you may have about your home or office cleaning, as well as our Cleaning Procedures, along with how to properly maintain your property in SW FL.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact our office at (941) 815-8454 .

This page consist of the following:
  • What is Soft Washing
  • How A-1 Prepares For A Cleaning
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Read More About:
  • What Are Those Black Streaks On My Roof?
  • How to Avoid Contractor Rip-Offs
  • Misconseptions About Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning
  • A.R.M.A Proper Roof Cleaning Procedures
    Click on the link above to read the ARMA bulletin on proper roof cleaning methods

    What is Soft Washing?
    "Soft Washing" is a commonly used term by roof cleaners and pressure washers when cleaning without the use of high pressure is used to remove mold & algae from exterior surfaces

    Utilizing this equipment eliminates the potential for DAMAGE that pressure washing can cause to sensitive surfaces when using too much pressure to remove mold and algae.

    It is safe and effective for cleaning all types of siding including stucco, brick, vinyl, aluminum, and wood surfaces.

    We are able to achieve these results with low pressure pumps & PSI Regulators
    Commercial electric pesticide spraying system producing pressure the same as your garden hose

    We combine the use of these pumps, and proprietary professional cleaning solutions. We custom mix these solutions on site for each property's specific cleaning needs and for maximum cleaning results...Remember: No Pressure=No Damage

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    How A-1 Prepares For Your Cleaning
  • Watering around annuals and sensitive flowering plants before pressure washing or roof cleaning is started (If u have irrigation please run evening before or early morning of scheduled pressure cleaning for about 10 minutes) Water is by far the best detergent for plant damage.

  • We will move all sensitive plants in small pots and place back in original positions when cleaning is complete.

  • For a Roof Cleaning - Remove/Clear personal items & furniture from decking areas and pull under lanai if possible. This will help avoid any roof run-off on these items. However, we do debris rinse all areas/items after we clean.

  • For a Deck/Lanai Cleaning - if possible, Remove/Clear personal items. We will move all furniture from decking & lanai areas and place back in original positions after cleaning is complete.

  • For an Exterior Cleaning – remove any items hanging on exterior walls that could fall off and other decorative items that could tip over if possible.

    If there are too many items, or you are unable to move them Don't You Worry, Our team is happy to safely move any items and place back in original posisitions.
    You just sit back and watch the mold wash away :)

  • Please make sure all windows & doors are closed. If you are aware of any areas that may possibly leak, please let us know when making appointment & also notify the technician on day of service.

  • Move all vehicles out of the way from overspray. We do our best to rinse everything off but it is better to have out of the way. In addition, you are welcome to come & go just be aware of the overspray.

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  • Freguently Asked Questions
    Q: Is your company licensed & insured?

    A: Yes, our company is fully licensed & insured. We are a full service exterior maintenance company serving Sarasota, Charlotte, Manatee, and Lee County. We provide our clients with prompt, reliable, and professional Pressure Washing, Soft Washing Services, along with No Pressure Roof Cleaning Services

    Q:Will cleaning my roof damage the shingles?

    A:When the wrong cleaning methods are used, the answer is yes. Inexperienced Roof Cleaning contractors or home owners can easily damage shingles by removing excessive amounts of shingle granules and protective coating on tile roofs, which are there to protect the shingles and reflect UV rays. The main culprit of roof cleaning damage is using too much water pressure to blast the shingles clean. Never allow a pressure washer to be used on your roof!

    Q:Do some of the other lye or sodium hydroxide-based roof cleaners work well?

    A:Unfortunately, they do not. The shingle manufacturers do not recommend these roof cleaning products because they are not very effective. They only work when used in conjunction with excessive pressure from a pressure washer, which leads to lessened longevity of the roof. When not used with pressure, some of these products even state on the label that the roof may take 2-3 months to begin appearing clean after an application, and in some cases more than one roof cleaning application is necessary. Resulting in a big waste of MONEY.

    Q: Will the bleach-based products harm my landscaping?

    A: It can when handled improperly; after all, roof algae and mold are plants . You’ve probably used bleach before when doing laundry, right? Would you give the same gallon jug of bleach to a 4 year-old and tell them to do the whites with it? Of course you wouldn’t; because in the wrong hands it can be harmful either to them or your clothes.

    Well, it’s the same thing with roof cleaning and pressure washing. This is why it is important to let a roof cleaning and pressure washing professional clean the exterior of your property for you. They know how to handle the specific cleaners for each surface to protect themselves and your property from damage.

    Q: How long will my roof stay clean?

    A:There are some bio-cides and sealers on the market that claim to keep the algae away for good, but their test results are very limited so no one really knows.

    Other local pressure washing and roof cleaning companies charge an additional $250-$500 to seal a roof that is only guaranteed for 1-2 years!

    Here at A-1 Pressure Washing we clean roofs using the specific guidlines outlined by the ARMA, GAF, Owens Corning and the RCIA for proper roof mold removal and prevention. With our exclusive Soft Wash Systems we are able to apply a Sealer we call Triple Action Roof Sealer that uses triple foam technology to create a protective barrier against roof mold for a minimum of 3 Years.
    We Provide a Written 3 year Spot-Free Warranty with Every Roof Cleaning!

    Q: After washing my house will it leave streaks on my windows?

    A: In a few cases, yes. We use a soft wash cleaning technique that uses light chemical solution & proper rinsing. This should eliminate most streaking and will be similar to rain or your hose spraying the windows. However,if the circumstance should happen, we offer professional window cleaning after every house wash at an affordable package rate.

    Q:Can you get the oil stains out of my driveway?

    A: It is very doubtful as pressure cleaners we will be able to totally remove deep set in oil stains. Conctrete is very pores and oil stains set in very easily. Best results are when the incident occures. The likelihood we can totally remove is minimal, however, we can generally lighten it. Therefore, we cannot guarantee it. We have found our techniques to be very effective on dirt, mold, rust & algae. We do not want to put additional pressure on surface to remove paint or cause costly damage to the surface.

    Q: Do I have to be home for you to pressure clean my house?

    A:No, we can have our technichians clean and sanitize your home while your at lunch, shopping, working, etc. We can then arrange for payment to be mailed in or picked up at a later date and time to convience you and your schedule.

    Q: Can you remove rust stains?

    A:Each situation varies with rust, however we do apply a rust remover detergent to rust infected areas and have had outstanding results! We ask that you mention rust stains when calling to schedule an appointment.

    Rust removal is an additional charge. Since each situation is different we cannot guarantee all rust stains will be gone but generally they will be much lighter or less noticeable.

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    What are ThoseBlack Streaks On My Roof?

    Roof Mold, also known as Gloeocapsa Magma is living airbourne organisim that feeds on the limestone filler that maunfactures use for shingle strength, as it rains the water will continue to feed the mold and spread it further down your shingles causing black streaks. If the Mold is not removed, not only will it soon take over your entire roof causing an ugly eye sore, but also causing premature aging, damages, and possibly leaks.

    What makes our company stand out in Roof Cleaning Service is we only use Florida manufactuer recommeneded chemicals, equipment, and specifications to properly remove nasty mold from shingle, tile, or metal roofs.

    Manufacturer Specifications strictly state to only use a light 'chemical only' cleaning process, also known as Soft Washing your roof to remove mold & extend your warranty, and to never use a pressure washer!

    At A-1 we provide our customers with the highest quality roof cleaning available in Southwest Florida. Even though we are a pressure washing company, we DO NOT USE A PRESSURE WASHER to clean dirty roofs.

    We only use the approved methods by the R.C.I.A. ( Roof Cleaning Institute of America) as well as the A.R.M.A. (Asphalt Roofing Manufacures Association) for proper removal of roof mold and prevention.

    65% of Shingle Roofs are replaced due to the way they look...
    This is not because of their functionality. Half of the roofs ever replaced in the Midwest didn't need replaced, only cleaned. Just as mold and mildew can grow on your vinyl siding, wind blown algae can land and grow on your roof causing black streaks and discoloration. Replacing your roof because of this algae is like replacing your TV because you lost the remote; it just doesn't make sense?

    Some roofing contractors don't know what these black streaks are, saying it's the asphalt showing through the shingles or that it's water stains. Some contractors may know it's algae but tell you it can't be cleaned without damaging the shingles. In either case, they may tell you that the roof needs replaced. This is not true if your shingles are still in good shape. The algae can be killed and removed properly without damaging the shingles using a low pressure chemical application as recommended by shingle manufacturers.

    Besides diminishing any home or businesses curb appeal, what other damage can roof Mold do?
    Shingle composite roofs are layered with a protective coating of granules to reflect the suns ultra violet rays, and tile along with metal composite roofs have a protective clear coat to reflect UV rays. As the mold continues to feed and spread across your roof it will prevent your roof shingles from reflecting heat from the sun's UV rays. When this happens it will affect your home's heating and cooling costs without you even realizing.

    But it doesn't end there, if the mold is not properly removed it will continue to feed and spread which will cause your Shingle, Tile, or Metal roof to diminish prematurely costing your THOUSANDS in damages.

    We do not recommend cleaning shingles that are in need of being replaced. If you're not sure if your roof needs replaced or cleaned, here are some signs of an aged roof:

  • brittle or crumbling shingles
  • excessive amount of shingle granules in your gutters
  • bottom corners of shingled curled up
  • wavy, warped, or heaved shingles
  • very thin or loose shingles

    Give us a call today if you are still unsure about the status of your roof.
    We will be glad to evaluate it and give your roof a FREE SPOT DEMONSTRATION

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  • How to Avoid Contractor Rip-Offs

    Rip-Off #1: Unbelievably Low Price. To some degree, all of us are attracted to low price because we want to work within a budget. But some contractors use low pressure washing prices as the bait in order to land a job. They are hoping you are basing your buying decision on price alone and if they are the cheapest, they will get the job.

    Unfortunately once they get the job they have to take shortcuts in order to make a profit. Professional power washing is not as cheap as some unethical power washers would like you to believe. Make sure you are paying for the level of quality you expect.

    Rip-Off #2: Crafty Claims Like: Specializing in Hot Water Washing . You may read this in ads, or hear this from contractors. Whether a contractor uses hot water or cold water and the right chemicals, the end result is the same. Hot water does speed up the cleaning process in commercial and industrial uses but what does it mean to the homeowner?

    The truth is hot water has no benefit and shouldn't be used in residential services. It can warp vinyl siding, damage wood and asphalt shingles, and can be detrimental to plants and shrubbery. Crafty claims like this are nothing more than a desperate attempt of trickery to gain your business.

    Rip-Off #3: Outdated Beliefs: "Just Power Wash the Deck and Use an Expensive Sealer." Many people believe that using an expensive sealer will make all the difference. The fact is: the number one reason a sealer fails, no matter how much it cost, is because the wood is not prepared properly. Wood goes through many stages while being cleaned. When using the proper cleaner the wood turns very dark, as the ph level goes up. A neutralizing process is necessary to lower the wood to a more acidic level, so the sealer will adhere properly.

    With the wood prepared properly, it can then be sealed with a contractor grade sealer. If an old sealer is present, the deck will need stripped so the new sealer can adhere to the wood properly. This stripping process is only done properly using a stripping agent, NOT high water pressure.

    Obviously, each contractor will be biased toward his own method. You should look to what wood professionals say. There are wood restoration classes that contractors can take to become certified, check to see if the contractor you are considering is certified.

    Rip-Off #4: Offering To Wash Anything and Everything. Contractors wash many different things, from houses to tractors and from decks to parking lots. A company offering to wash almost anything may look impressive but is a sign of not being established.

    There are a lot of fly by night companies that come and go, who offer to wash anything for a dollar, they never really get good at one thing. Make sure you hire a contractor that specializes in just a handful of the services you are interested in.

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    6 Costly Misconceptions About Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning

    Misconception #1
    It's Easy Enough That We Can Do It Ourselves

    This may be true to some extent but you can easily cause damage to yourself and your home if your not careful. I don't recommend to anyone to pressure wash from a ladder, this is very dangerous and should be left to a professional. Washing your vinyl siding from the ground at an upward angle will force water behind the siding causing water damage. Getting up in the air and away from the house will allow you to rinse the siding at a flatter angle. This can only be done with the proper equipment. Another thing is even small consumer grade pressure washing units put out too much pressure to wash vinyl, asphalt shingles, and pressure treated wood. Having the right equipment allows you to turn down the pressure, so your not causing damage.

    Misconception #2
    High Pressure Is The Only Way To Get It Clean

    Not true at all. Only contractors that use inferior cleaners have to depend on high pressure to do the job. High pressure can do a lot of damage to your home. To much pressure will force water to get behind the siding of your home causing mold and mildew problems. Wood is softer than you might think, and using too much pressure to wash a deck can cut wood and leave unsightly marks and scars that will show through the sealer. Using too much pressure on asphalt shingles is a huge mistake. Shingles have small pieces of grit on them, similar to sand, called granules. Excessive pressure can blow these granules off the shingles, lessening the longevity of your roof. Make sure contractor grade cleaners and the right amount of pressure are being used.

    Misconception #3
    The Cleaners Being Used Will Damage Your Plants Or Hurt Your Pets

    Quality contractors use only environmentally safe products that will not harm your pets. But plants are more sensitive and need to be protected. If a cleaner is allowed to dry on the leaves of a plant it can leave burn spots. Covering plants with plastic is an option, but that can also be dangerous to the plants on a hot day. A better alternative is to wet the plants down with water before, during, and after the cleaning process. As long as cleaners are not allowed to dry on the plants, there should be no damage.

    Misconception #4
    Your Roof Is Black Or Has Black Streaks On It And Needs Replaced

    Not necessarily true. Unsightly black stains or streaks on asphalt shingles is caused by a hardy type of algae called Gloeocapsa magma. This type of algae thrives in humid and warm climates and usually appears, first, on the North slope of the roof where shade is prevalent and moisture tends to accumulate. The algae feeds on the crushed limestone that is used in asphalt shingles. Rain then spreads the algae down the roof, causing black streaks. As the algae breaks down the shingles, the granules that protect the shingle are loosened and begin to fall off. This causes the roof to deteriorate and diminishes the roof's ability to reflect heat rays. If left untreated, the algae will reduce the life of your roof, diminish your home's curb appeal, and increase your home cooling cost.

    This roof algae can be killed and removed to restore your roofs appearance. But the right cleaners and low pressure is a must, so that damage is not done to the roof.

    Misconception #5
    You Should Hire the Company that Offers the Lowest Price

    Maybe, but not always. Here are some points to consider:

  • The price you see advertised may not be the price you pay. Many homeowners have learned that the low price they saw advertised lasted only until the contractor did the estimate. Then they were pressured into paying a lot more for a variety of add-ons .
  • Some contractors market strategy is to get jobs by being the lowest bidder. The contractor will then cut corners in order to turn a profit.
  • Due to low start up costs, many companies come and go. When first starting up, a lot of companies do not educate themselves, because power washing looks easy and profitable. So, they lack the right equipment, cleaners, insurance, knowledge, professionalism, and normally, will charge an extremely low price.

    Misconception #6
    Any Honest Power Washing Company Should be Able to Give an Estimate Over the Phone

    It would be easier if this were true, but it is not. Honest, reputable power washing companies almost never give a cleaning estimate over the phone. Most companies charge by the square foot or linear foot. But there are too many variables that can change that price from one home to another. For instance, different types of terrain or landscaping can affect the price. What type of wood is your deck? Has it ever been sealed? Is water accessible at the job site? Maybe your house is not extremely dirty and could be done for less than a dirty house the same size. The good news is, once an estimate is given by a quality contractor, you know that that's the price you will pay (no last minute surprises)

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    Our Services Include:

    High Pressure Washing
    Pressures Between 3000 - 4000 PSI
    To Clean Hard Surfaces Such As:
    Concrete, Sidewalks, Curbing, Parking Lots, ETC

    Exterior Soft Washing
    Pressures Between 900 - 1200 PSI
    To Sensitive Surfaces Such As:
    Soffit, Facia, Alluminum, Screens, Exteriors, ETC

    Safe No Pressure
    Roof Cleaning
    Shingle - Tile - Metal

    Battery Operated Pump Max 70 PSI
    Garden Hose Pressure - NO LOUD MACHINE
    A.R.M.A Approved Detergets
    R.C.I.A Certified Equipment & Procedures

    Window Cleaning
    Residential & Commercial Properties

    For more information please visit our Services Page
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    Florida Homeowners

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